Apple tries with Surface

After more than a year of rumors, Apple finally unveiled its vision for a tablet with a large screen. The company revealed yesterday iPad Pro, which has a 12.9-inch screen and will be intended mainly for corporate customers and for users who want more productivity. Besides long-awaited in tech circles Apple product update its range of smartphones with the launch of iPhone 6S, and demonstrated new smart TV plug Apple TV.

Screen, stylus, keyboard – action!

Unlike previous generations of tablets, Apple introduced several changes in the concept of this device. The first is the larger screen that is 12.9 inches and its purpose is to allow for greater productivity. Tablets with sizes up to 10 inches were found to have quite a bit of space when you have to handle spreadsheets, images, videos or be seen more detailed information. Moreover, larger screens allow more effective multitasking.

Another novelty for Apple is adding a stylus – an accessory that avoided the company offers its products for many years. The company called it Apple Pencil, you can feel the different force and seek to imitate the look and dimensions as the classic pencil. Its purpose is to provide precise handling and indication, something not possible with touch through his fingers. Strange fact is that there are built-in port to be able to load and seem to have a battery, although Apple did not specify this. In line with Apple’s traditional policy in the provision of accessories, the new stylus will come with the tablet, and will be sold separately for the “modest” $ 99.